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Ready-Made Business English Communication Skills Course

Ready-Made Business English Communication Skills Course

*Important* This offer expires midnight Friday 8 March 2024.


What would it be worth to you if you could take all of the risk and anxiety out of lesson planning and curriculum design with a ready-made Business English Communication Skills course?


If you're an ESL teacher you know something has to change when you:


⚠️ Are burned out and exhausted by constantly creating unique lesson plans to meet the demands of your students.


⚠️ Feel stressed, frustrated and undervalued.


⚠️ Struggle to earn more than $25 an hour.


Here's a valuable lesson that 2020 has taught me. If you're an ESL teacher, you don't have to rely on online companies which treat you poorly and pay you a pitiful hourly rate.


Imagine for a moment if you,


✔️ Had proven material and a tested methodology that will deliver results and allow you to amass a pile of positive reviews from satisfied students.


✔️ No longer had to spend hours creating unique lessons for each individual student.


✔️ Had a queue of students lining up to work with you who are ready to pay you a premium rate.


Sound too good to be true? That's what I thought until one day I woke up to a heap of messages from eager students willing to pay a premium rate to sign up to my course.


And here's how this product can help you to experience the same...


1. This resource will help you to immediately transition from a general English teacher to a niche teacher by providing you with all the material you need to teach in your specialised program.


2. As a result, you will now be perfectly positioned to meet the ever increasing demand for business English communication skills.


3. By specialising in this area, you differentiate yourself from all the other general ESL teachers out there by delivering a highly coveted service, and can finally start earning a premium hourly rate. At the same time you'll be helping your students get real results by using top-quality material and a proven methodology.


Make sense? Awesome!


So, here's what you get when you purchase this product:


A proven and tested 10-Week Business English Communication Skills Course with a complete teaching methodology guide, which will enable you to help your students in the most efficient way possible, and in return earn you a premium rate and excellent reviews from your grateful students.


*Important* This offer expires midnight Friday 8 March 2024.

  • Detailed Product Breakdown

    The course consists of 4 pillars to allow your students to level up their Business English communication skills.


    Pillar 1: Expands business English vocabulary & builds confidence communicating in meetings and interviews.


    Pillar 2: Clarifies pronunciation and helps your students become effective communicators by focusing on sentence stress, intonation, connected speech and pronouncing English vowel sounds ultra-clearly.


    Pillar 3: Teaches your students how to deliver engaging presentations and overcome their anxiety.


    Pillar 4: Shows your students how to write professional business emails which will leave a great impression.


    You will also receive a FREE complete video walkthrough and teaching methodology guide.


    Here's a more detailed breakdown of everything included


    Week 1: How To Communicate Politely & Professionally in the Modern Business World.

    This lesson introduces students to formal vocabulary useful for their daily interactions at work. It also teaches students how to make polite requests in English and focuses on frequently used collocations (fixed expressions) in the business world. The lesson contains plenty of practice tasks allowing the students to implement what they've learned and concludes with error correction.

    Also included are 3 homework tasks as well as a further practice task to help your students review the material and prepare for the next lesson.


    Week 2: How to Use Business Idioms and Key Buzzwords

    This lesson introduces students to key idioms and buzzwords which have become an important part of communication in the modern business world. The target language is introduced in context and plenty of practice is included in the lesson.

    The lesson concludes with error correction. 2 homework tasks and an additional 2 further study tasks are provided for the students to study before the week 3 lesson.


    Week 3: How to Prepare for Job Interviews

    This lesson alone might be worth its weight in gold. A guide and model template is provided for how to answer the most commonly asked job interview questions.

    The student and teacher work together to complete the templates with the student's relevant skills, experience and interests. The lesson concludes with a role-play job interview using the model answers.

    This lesson also contains some mindset tips to help your students overcome their pre-interview nerves.


    Week 4: How to Communicate Fluently in Meetings & Calls

    This lesson shows your students how they can communicate naturally and fluently in meetings and calls by providing them with the key phrases they can use at each stage of the process. It caters to students who will be participants in meetings, and also those who will be required to conduct the meetings themselves.


    Week 5: How to Use the Correct Stress & Intonation in English

    This lesson teaches your students how to become more effective communicators by revealing the secrets to using the English stress and intonation pattern correctly. Lot's of practice and examples are provided, including videos of some of the world's best English communicators in action.


    Week 6: How to Pronounce English Vowel Sounds Ultra-Clearly to Avoid Embarrassing Misunderstandings

    Unfortunately non-native English speakers often struggle with the English vowel sounds. This frequently leads to confusion and breakdowns in communication. This lesson will allow you to show your students how to differentiate the English vowel sounds and pronounce them ultra-clearly. Lots of innovative practice exercises are provided.


    Week 7: How to Use Linking & Connected Speech to Speak English Fluidly

    This lesson shows your students how using connected speech will help them sound fluid and keep the beat and rhythm of English, which will also help them to be better understood. It provides plenty of practice using the following features of connected speech; linking (catenation), assimilation, elision, and intrusion.


    Week 8: How to Deliver an Engaging Presentation

    Your students will learn how to incorporate storytelling, informational design, and expert delivery into their presentations to ensure they always leave their audience captivated.


    Week 9:  Overcoming Nerves, Using Positive Body Language & Answering Questions

    This lesson will teach your students how they can overcome their presentation anxiety. They will also learn how to use positive body language to connect with their audience. The lesson concludes with some techniques and functional language they can use when answering audience questions.


    Week 10: How to Write Professional Business Emails that Leave a Great Impression

    This lesson provides a clear structure to write a professional business email. Key language is provided to use at each stage of the email. The lesson concludes by tasking your students with writing an email to their fictional boss using this structure and target language.


    FREE EXTRA: Video Walkthrough & Teaching Methodology Guide

    A series of videos where I reveal the secrets of the teaching methodology I use in each of these lessons, which will allow you to level-up your students' English in the most effective way possible, and as a result start earning a premium rate for your services.


    So to summarise,

    By the end of the course, your students will have expanded their business English vocabulary, built their confidence speaking in key situations, clarified their pronunciation, and learned how to write professional business emails which will leave a great impression.


    And in the process you will have a gained a grateful student more than willing to give you a glowing review and recommend you to their friends and colleagues.


    That's what I call a win-win situation.

  • What do the buyers say?


    What teachers say


    "This is an excellent resource. It provides quality content, structure and formatting that you can use in creating your program. You can use the material "as is" or edit it to modify and customize for your particular students. There are short instructional videos that will walk you through how to use chapter content and there is a short video for guidance with saving, sending and storing students' lessons. If you're feeling overwhelmed with copious material and not sure about how to organize and present it, this resource will help you!"

    - Joan R. English Coach


    What students say


    "I would like to express that the teaching methodology used by Robbie is extremely effective! My progress has been impressive! I have experienced improvements in my pronunciation, my business English communication skills, and my overall confidence!"

    - Eduardo C. Senior Enterprise Account Manager at Oracle


    "Robbie has a great methodology to teach you how you can use pronunciation skills and techniques to improve your ability to communicate in English effectively, which I find absolutely amazing."

    - Isabella G. Growth Lead @ Workplace from Facebook


    "Robbie was undoubtedly one of the best English teachers that I have ever had. He certainly has the ability to make the learning process smooth, much easier, and pleasant. His lessons were always very dynamic, exciting, and challenging."

    - Deborah A. Human Resources | Talent Acquisition

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