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ESL Digital Lesson Mega Bundle for Busy Teachers

ESL Digital Lesson Mega Bundle for Busy Teachers

Tired of spending hours planning lessons? Get instant access to a huge library of engaging material!


Take the stress out of preparation and instantly equip yourself to teach online for months with this amazing collection of easy-to-use, visual & animated resources.


Representing remarkable value this bundle showcases over 80 high-quality ESL lessons which have been carefully crafted by a Cambridge DELTA-certified English language teacher to ensure suitability for distance learning.


The story behind the ESL Mega Bundle


Having been an ESL teacher for over eight years I know all too well the constant burden of creating new content to engage learners. Thankfully after some time teaching, I began to build up a database of tried and trusted resources which I knew my students would enjoy. This gave me the peace of mind and the freedom to allow me to focus on what I really enjoy — teaching great lessons. Now, I'd like to give that same freedom to you!


My name is Robbie and the ESL Distance Learning Mega Bundle for Busy Teachers is my solution to save you from endless hours of planning!


Every easy-to-use resource included in this bundle has been carefully tailored to ensure suitability for both distance learning AND in-classroom use, affording you the luxury and security to teach any way you like during this uncertain time.


What's included in the bundle?


The ESL Distance Learning Mega Bundle includes over 80 carefully crafted ESL resources encompassing everything from my 4 most popular bundles:


  • Grammar Bundle: 17 easy to follow, visually animated grammar presentations so you can teach grammar the easy way.
  • Dynamic Lesson Bundle: An exciting collection of 13 lessons which will inspire, challenge and keep even the hardest to please learners engaged.
  • Fun with Idioms: 16 completely stand-alone lessons where you will discover a unique formula for teaching idioms that your learners will love.
  • Fun with English: 11 highly visual lessons so you can expand the vocabulary and improve the pronunciation of young learners and lower-level students.
  • And much much more... You can find all the details below.


I'm not so comfortable with distance learning. How will this bundle help me?


I know how challenging distance learning is, especially for new teachers. That's why I created these resources to present everything in an easy to follow step by step way that saves you time, engages your students and guarantees results.


Who are you and why should I trust you?


Hi! My name is Robbie and I love to create digital resources that make life easier for teachers.


I've been teaching ESL since 2013 and during that period I've worked as a Senior Teacher Trainer, Assistant Director of Studies, and have given talks to ESL teachers around the world about teaching methodology and the benefits of incorporating technology into the classroom.


In 2018 at the request of the Ministry of Education of Kazachstan, I delivered an online series of webinars to over 2000 Kazakhstani English teachers aimed at improving the quality of English teaching in that country.


What about your qualifications?


I have a Cambridge DELTA in Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching and an ELT Specialism in Motivating Young Learners.


Now then, that's enough about me... let's talk more about how this bundle will help you!


I'm not tech-savvy. Is this content difficult to use?


Not at all! Download the bundle and you're good to go! All the work has already been done for you!


Will these resources work with Google Slides?


Totally! Just upload the resources to Google Drive and open them using slides.


I'm back in the classroom now. Is this content only suitable for distance learning?


Absolutely not! It will work great in the classroom too!


Can I make changes to the lessons?


Yes! All the resources included in the ESL Distance Learning Mega Bundle for Busy Teachers are fully customisable. So if you feel the need, you can easily make changes to the lessons and templates I've provided in order to more specifically tailor each resource to your particular learners' needs.


What do the buyers have to say?


Noreen K. wrote:

This is an excellent resource. Very useful for online lessons. A wide range of lessons available, some especially useful for high level learners, like those focused on idioms. Very nice powerpoints. All in all, the package makes life easier for a busy teacher and helps cut down on planning time! Very user-friendly.


Niel B. wrote:

Lifesaver bundle for a busy teacher!! As a relative newcomer to ESL, I found these resources very easy to follow! They are clear, creative, and I'm excited to continue using them! I appreciate all the work you put into creating this package!


Jacqueline T. wrote:

Robbie's Megapack bundle saved my bacon on more than a few occasions! The slides are clear to follow, cover many of the essential grammar points and easy to edit for your own needs. There are also some short and colourful visuals which can be used for quick-impact teaching or integrated into longer more detailed lesson plans as required.


Erin R. wrote:

This is a great resource to use with students on the Autism Spectrum. Learning proper use of idioms is valuable to their socialization. This resource prompted great discussions on Zoom.


How confident am I in the quality of this package?


I have continuously received glowing feedback from both teachers and learners who have experienced these lessons. That is why I am prepared to offer you A FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if for any reason you are not fully satisfied after purchasing the bundle.

  • Tell me more about why my learners will love this.


    The Grammar Bundle


    By breaking complex grammar points down into a step by step guide with easy to follow examples and practice exercises, these presentations are a great way to simplify what can be some incredibly stressful areas of language for students and teachers alike!


    The Dynamic Lesson Bundle


    While researching my extended assignment for the Cambridge Delta, I uncovered some of the secrets to capturing and maintaining learners' attention during a lesson. The Dynamic Lesson Bundle aims to successfully lower the learners' 'affective filter' or 'block' to learning. It achieves this by first drawing the learners' attention into a variety of fascinating and engaging topics using a combination of techniques, and then embedding key language within these topics, encouraging greater language uptake. The lessons featured here include an eclectic range of topics and activities, incorporating video and authentic material to guarantee your learners are afforded an abundance of speaking, listening and reading practice.


    The Fun with Idioms Bundle


    After first stumbling across it several years this lesson formula involving visuals, animations and some friendly competition went on to become a total game-changer for me when it came to teaching idioms! Regardless of whether it's online or in the classroom, it has never let me down to date. All of these lessons conclude with conversation questions so students are provided with valuable practice at using the idioms in the correct context at the end of the lesson.


    The Fun with English Bundle


    These highly visually lessons aimed at beginner - pre-intermediate levels cover topics such as animals, clothes, sport, food and much more. The lessons seek to expand vocabulary and improve pronunciation in order to give your learners the tools and the confidence to talk about familiar topics with their friends, family and classmates.



    For a limited time only I'm including several bonus lessons in the bundle for free! If you purchase today, on top of making a 70% saving you also get access to Vocabulary Games, Communicative Games, the Grammar Auction Lesson Pack and the Exam Pack - providing you with even more ammo to engage your learners!

  • Complete List of Included Resources

    The Grammar Bundle

    - Conditional Tenses

    - Countable, uncountable, collective, and plural nouns

    - Using articles; a/an and the

    - Prepositions of time; in, on, and at

    - Prepositions of place; in, on, and at

    - Prepositions; to, of, on, with, for

    - Verbs with Dependent Prepositions

    - Future Forms; present simple, present continuous, going to, will

    - Future Forms 2; future perfect, future continuous

    - For vs Since

    - 'The' vs No Article

    - Do vs Make

    - Sport; Play, Go, Do

    - Similes

    - Confusing Verbs

    - Phrases with 'get'

    - Alternate History - A 3rd Conditional Lesson


    Fun with Idioms Lesson Pack

    - Animal Idioms

    - Weather Idioms

    - Idioms for Feelings

    - Food Idioms

    - Travel Idioms

    - More Food Idioms

    - Sport Idioms

    - Music Idioms

    - Clothing Idioms

    - Cooking Idioms

    - Relationship Idioms

    - Space Idioms

    - Idioms with a National Twist

    - Idioms about Health

    - Colourful Idioms

    - Idioms to Improve your Exam Score


    Fun with English Lesson Pack

    - Fun Activities to Do at Home

    - Fun with Animals

    - Fun with Food

    - Fun with Sport

    - Fun with Music

    - Fun with Pronunciation

    - Fun with Clothes

    - Fun with the Seasons

    - Fun with the Present Continuous

    - Fun with Phrasal Verbs

    - Fun on Vacation


    The Dynamic Lesson Bundle

    - Jobs and Interviews Role-Play Lesson

    - Social Media Pros and Cons

    - Overcoming Fear

    - Alibi, A Crime Lesson

    - Online Dating

    - Authority and Morality

    - Nightowls vs. Earlybirds

    - Talking about Distance

    - The Language of Headlines

    - The Eurovision Song Contest

    - How to have a Healthier Brain

    - Visiting the Doctor

    - Living in Another Country


    **BONUS LESSONS** (For a limited time only!)


    Interactive Grammar Auction Pack

    - Elementary Grammar Auction

    - Pre-Intermediate Grammar Auction

    - Intermediate Grammar Auction

    - Question Forms Grammar Auction

    - Past Tenses Grammar Auction

    - Phrasal Verb Grammar Auction


    Communicative Games

    - Generally Speaking

    - Fortune Teller Role-Play


    Vocabulary Games

    - Phrasal Verbs Race

    Have Make Do Matching Game


    Happy Teaching :)

  • TERMS OF USE - © Robbie’s Dynamic English Lessons

    This item is bound by copyright laws. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the Internet are all strictly prohibited without first gaining permission from the author. Violations are subject to the penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Please contact me if you wish to be granted special permissions!

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