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LinkedIn Profile Accelerator for Freelance Teachers

LinkedIn Profile Accelerator for Freelance Teachers

The 12-step formula behind my clients' successful LinkedIn Profiles.

Follow the exact 12 steps successful teacher entrepreneurs took to create profiles that provoked INSTANT responses from high-paying students.

If you want to craft a profile that:


  • Stands out & differentiates you from the 1000s of other teachers out there earning less than $25 an hour.
  • Attracts your ideal students through CLEAR MESSAGING
  • Gets them to take ACTION...

...then this 12-Step Framework is a no-brainer.

My old LinkedIn profile was AWFUL.

When I started teaching online, I knew nothing about LinkedIn.


Like everyone else, I thought it was pretty much an online CV.


I wrote a few facts about myself, listed my skills & qualifications, and filled in my work experience.


The end result?


Nothing on my profile resonated with my ideal students. 


But since I was comparing it to every other teacher's profile, I thought, "It'll do".


Thankfully, in December 2020 I crossed paths with someone who would go on to become an influential mentor.


His advice changed EVERYTHING for me.


He told me that some ESL teachers were getting students on LinkedIn who paid them up to $1000 for 10-lesson programs!


I was baffled. "People pay THAT much for online English lessons? Really??"


The answer is yes, BUT there was a catch...
To earn more than the average ESL freelancer, it takes more than just being a good teacher.
99% of amazing teachers aren't communicating their true value & don't know how to write LinkedIn profiles that are effective.


By "effective", I mean profiles that successfully attract and convert high-paying students.


Once I realised this, I became obsessed. What followed was a headfirst dive into the world of online marketing and copywriting.


I spent 100s of hours (and $$$) levelling up these skills so I could have success doing what I loved (teaching English) independently.


Here are some of my most valuable takeaways:


If you want to have a successful online teaching business, your LinkedIn profile should NOT be written about you.


It should be written with your students in mind.


Every word and sentence should be meticulously crafted to speak to THEM, and ONLY them.

After lots of testing, refinement, trial and error, I finally developed  a profile formula that saw my online teaching business hit its first $5k month. 


98% of that was generated from students I found on LinkedIn.


Now my mission is to help as many teachers as possible do the same!


That's the genesis of this course.


To remove hours of guesswork and frustration for other teachers, by simply following the same step-by-step framework that generated results for me (and my 1-on-1 clients).


Here's what you'll discover inside this course:

✔️ The crucial principles you absolutely NEED to know when writing your LinkedIn profile. Without them it will be impossible to get students who will pay you $50-$100 an hour.

✔️ Effective Headline Formulas that will resonate strongly with your niche, and address any initial skepticism they might have about you.

✔️ What to put in your profile photo and banners (and what NOT to do).

✔️ Proven techniques for the first 2 sentences of your About section that will compel your niche to keep on reading.

✔️ How to quickly uncover your niche's REAL challenges, pain points, dreams and goals (these form the core of any effective profile).

✔️ How to build trust & talk about your teaching services WITHOUT sounding like a pushy, sleazy salesperson.

✔️ How to compel your readers to take ACTION, i.e. message you to learn more and book calls with you.

✔️ How to avoid the mistakes 1000s of other teachers are making on their profiles that are turning off potential students.

✔️ Powerful copywriting techniques and principles to further increase the likelihood of your readers taking action.

✔️ DOZENS of examples and proven templates to remove all the uncertainty for you.


I designed these 12 steps so they can be followed by any teacher who wishes to succeed independently, regardless of your marketing experience.


In summary, this course will equip you with absolutely everything you need to position yourself online in a way that puts you head and shoulders above 99.9% of other teachers.


Here's what some of my clients had to say after completing this course:


"Robbie's course on creating a LinkedIn profile was fantastic. From start to finish, Robbie's teaching style was clear and engaging. He has packed this course full of useful information with loads of templates to pick and choose from. This course has been so well thought out and I can tell he knows his audience very well.


I learned so much from Robbie's course and was able to immediately apply his teachings to my own LinkedIn profile. His step-by-step approach made it easy to follow along and understand the important elements that make a great LinkedIn profile.


I highly recommend Robbie's course to anyone who wants to improve their LinkedIn profile. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, Robbie's course will help you create a standout LinkedIn profile that will help you look more professional and stand out on LinkedIn."


- Aby A. Online English communication skills coach.


"Robbie's course on creating a LinkedIn profile really nails it. He has a step by step approach that will help each of his clients create the perfect outcome for them.


If you don't have a good brand, nobody will pay any attention to you, so if you want to stand out professionally, give Robbie a shout. I recommend you do!"


Phil L. Career Coach


" [Robbie's] insights into marketing ourselves -- not selling, but putting ourselves out there to be of service to the people who would benefit from our gifts -- are top notch. He knows all the details and also the big picture concerns.


And he does it all in a friendly, enthusiastic, humble way, and of course always with a bit of humor."

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