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***Usually this Bundle costs €867, but as a thank you for joining my email list, you can grab it on this page for just €73.***


The Teaching Titan Bundle Includes:

1) Done-For-You 10-Week Business English Curriculum (€250)

2) Ready-Made Communication Skills Curriculum (€200) 

3) LinkedIn Accelerator Course (€147) 

4) Sales Masterclass (€97) 

5) ESL Ready-Made Megabundle (€56) 

6) Digital Grammar Pack (€27) 


For just €̶8̶6̶7̶  €73 (approx $79).


In other words, an over 90% discount.


Plus, you get the Bowei Strategy 'Get Students Bundle' which includes 10 additional guides and mini-courses to help you succeed as a teacher entrepreneur for free.


And 8 more exclusive bonuses:


  • DM Genie for TEs
  • Video Marketing Starter Pack 
  • 110 Hook Templates for TEs
  • 50 Video Frameworks for Online Teachers 
  • 10 Chat GPT Prompts to Improve & Repurpose your Content 
  • 10 Educational Posting Templates
  •  5 Client Success Posting Templates
  •  8 Call to Action Templates to Grow your Social Media Following & Attract more Clients


The Teaching Titan Bundle comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Scroll to the right of the video to see what other teachers have said about these courses.


***Usually this Bundle costs €867, but as a thank you for joining my email list, you can grab it on this page for just €73.***

  • More Buyer Reviews

    Roxanne says, "This curriculum has ignited my creativity and given me the confidence that I really needed! This has increased my confidence 1000%. Seriously. FANTASTIC!"


    Candice says, "Firstly, I’m so grateful that you made this resource available to us! It was a HUGE value add and eased a lot of my lesson planning anxiety. I have never written material before and it’s the part of the process that stresses me out the most."


    Heather says, "Such a useful resource! I was able to easily use the first lesson with a client the day after they signed up for the course. Robbie provided easy-to-follow explanations to help both teachers & learners get the most out of them. A great investment and a huge time saver!"


    You can check out dozens more 5 star reviews over on my LinkedIn profile, 'Robbie Kane'.



  • Refund Policy

    A. We stand by the quality and value of the Teaching Titan Bundle. If, for any reason, you feel you have not gotten value for the bundle, you may request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.


    B. Upon requesting a refund, you agree to cease using and, where applicable, delete any materials from the Teaching Titan Bundle that you have downloaded or copied. Continued use of the materials after requesting a refund is a violation of this agreement.


    C. Violation of clause B may result in repercussions including, but not limited to, potential suspension or removal from Bowei Strategy communities and courses, and exclusion from future purchases of Bowei Strategy and The Online English University products. We value our community's trust and integrity, and such measures are in place to maintain a fair environment for all members.


    D. Refund requests should be sent to Robbie ( ). Upon receiving your request, we will process the refund within a specified number of business days.


    E. Once a refund is processed, your access to the Teaching Titan Bundle will be terminated.

€867.00 Regular Price
€73.00Sale Price
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