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Stressed out about creating the program content for your online teaching business? 

Download a READY-MADE curriculum!

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A proven and tested 10-Week Business English Communication Skills Course.

A complete video walkthrough and teaching methodology guide.

Fully customisable slides allowing you to edit to your heart's content (should you wish to do so).


Roxanne P, CA

"This curriculum has ignited my creativity and given me the confidence that I really needed! This has increased my confidence 1000%. Seriously. FANTASTIC!"

Isabel, NY

"Excellent! This 10-Week business English course/program has saved me a ton of time. This has given me a chance to feel I'm on the right track. The lesson plans are just up my street. There is variety in it and it's interactive too, ideas are flooding in for now. Overall, I think this program, the step-by-step instructions, the content itself and the structure is undoubtedly worth its price. Get it, save time, adapt it if you want, and use it."

Candice, MI

"Firstly, I’m so grateful that you made this resource available to us! It was a HUGE value add and eased a lot of my lesson planning anxiety. I have never written material before and it’s the part of the process that stresses me out the most."

You Get it All!

10 weeks of ready-made material to teach in your program.

200 animated & easy to use slides, covering job interviews, meetings, presentation skills, & writing professional emails.

Scroll down for dozens of 5-star reviews. 

Fully customisable. Add, remove & edit to suit your niche.

Download today and get a free teaching methodology guide & video walkthrough. 

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What Students Say

"I would like to express that the teaching methodology used by Robbie is extremely effective! My progress has been impressive! I have experienced improvements in my pronunciation, my business English communication skills, and my overall confidence!"

Eduardo C.

Senior Enterprise Account Manager at Oracle

Working from Home

What Teachers Say

"This is an excellent resource. It provides quality content, structure and formatting that you can use in creating your program. You can use the material "as is" or edit it to modify and customize for your particular students. There are short instructional videos that will walk you through how to use chapter content and there is a short video for guidance with saving, sending and storing students' lessons. If you're feeling overwhelmed with copious material and not sure about how to organize and present it, this resource will help you!"

Joan R.

English Coach

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